Spousal Sponsorship

This program is a segment dedicated to spouses, common-law partners, or conjugal partners to sponsor their loved ones so that they obtain permanent residence in the country. Family Class Immigration category is of primary importance to Canadian Visa Offices that they process the applications fast and expedite the reunion of families in Canada. The principle of non-discrimination on the basis of sex is also a key feature whereby same-sex couples can apply for the program.

The two-part process includes i) applying to sponsor a spouse or partner and ii) the sponsored person applying for permanent residence.

Outland Route
When your spouse or partner to be sponsored is not living in Canada. However, he or she can travel in and out of the country provided that the concerned immigration officer allows for re-entry.
Inland Route
When the spouse or partner to be sponsored is living in the country but only as a temporary resident. During the process of an application screening, the sponsored persons can continue to study, work, or live as per their respective permits.

Sponsors must fulfill the following requirements;

Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Over 18 years of age.

He/she doesn’t receive any social assistance save for disability.

He/she must not have been sponsored within the last five years.

Prove that he/she will adequately provide for the persons including dependent children.

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