Renew or Change your Study Permit

If you want to change the conditions of your study permit or want to renew it, you can do that. You can either move from high school to post-secondary education or from post-secondary to post-graduate studies. You shall need to apply for change in your study permit. Not all changes require a renewal or modification of the study permit. Updating your IRCC is all you need to do.

Remember that you have to comply with the terms and conditions of your study permit during the course of your stay. If you are unable to apply for modification or renewal before the expiry of your current status, you will have to leave the country before you submit an application to return.

You can still be allowed to continue your studies and work while a decision has yet to be made on your application, it’s called “implied status”. To know more about it, send Canvas Immigration a message so that we can extend our sincere assistance for your benefit.