A Canadian citizen enjoys more rights than a permanent resident. It is one of best experience to be associated with the country that has achieved so much in a little time and that enjoys a great reputation not just in America but in the world. To be eligible to become a Canadian citizen you must […]

Sponsoring parents and grandparents

Parents give you birth, serve you when you are young and strengthen you while you are growing. What’s more special than sponsoring them, their parents or both? Once they get sponsored they can attain permanent residency and become Canadian citizen when certain amount of time has passed. The sponsor must fulfil all the requirements similar […]

Sponsoring Dependent Child

Often the children you provide live for immigrating along with your spouse or partner. Sometimes they may miss out on immigration, in that case sponsoring your children is the alternative. Either your children are biological or adopted, they can obtain permanent residency with all rights and benefits including that of study and work. Eligibility: The […]

Spousal Sponsorship

This program is a segment dedicated to spouses, common-law partners, or conjugal partners to sponsor their loved ones so that they obtain permanent residence in the country. Family Class Immigration category is of primary importance to Canadian Visa Offices that they process the applications fast and expedite the reunion of families in Canada. The principle […]

Investor Program

Quebec Investor Program The Quebec Investor Program is an extraordinary alternative for high net-worth investors wanting to earn from the economic endeavor in Quebec. The successful candidates are allowed to apply for permanent residence after they are issued selection certificate from Quebec. Assessment of the candidates is carried out on the following six factors; Age […]


Self-Employed Persons Program Individuals with required experience in athletic or cultural field who seek to actively contribute to Canadian economy and settle permanently in the country are at the heart of this program. Eligibility: Prove that the applicant has a managerial experience. Chooses to be self-employed. Attains passing mark and meets the criteria. Provides valid […]


Start-up Visa Program Your role in the country is assumed to be that of a benefactor of Canadian people and economy. If you have got a creative and practical start-up idea, you not only get the permit but are also entitled to receive funding to build up your business. Eligibility: Canadian Language Benchmark 5 in […]

Business Immigration

People with entrepreneurial ability and managerial experience are targeted by the business immigration streams. They are determined to add to the Canadian economy while also catering to their personal and organizational objectives. If you want to start your own business or put your stake into an existing one, then following streams will help you achieve […]

Renew or Change your Study Permit

If you want to change the conditions of your study permit or want to renew it, you can do that. You can either move from high school to post-secondary education or from post-secondary to post-graduate studies. You shall need to apply for change in your study permit. Not all changes require a renewal or modification […]

Student Direct Stream

Students from China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Morocco, and Senegal can benefit through a quicker process of just 20 days when applying for a Canadian study permit through the SDS program. Eligibility; Must be a citizen or resident of aforementioned countries. Must have a letter of acceptance from a DLI in Canada. Must be living […]